A few highlights of school


  • All classrooms enjoy the benefit of light, cross ventilation & healthy environment.


  • Entry and Exit points are secured with Access control systems while common areas are monitored through CCTV cameras.


  • Play areas are covered with green space & educational building to keep them free from vehicular traffic, noise & pollution.


  • A rich library which will fill by a large number of national & international book.  Books will be imported from abroad also.


  • There is a bookstore located within the school premises that provide all necessary books, stationery and photocopy facilities for the convenience of the students.


  • Students play a large number of indoor games like Carom, Table tennis, Badminton, Basket ball, Chess etc. during leisure.


  • In a school, it is not only important that we look after children’s minds, but also their bodies. In emergencies, when necessary; we provide first-aid as an initial medical care free of charge with make home calls on students also. This is an opportunity to check that all Vaccinations are up-to-date, Dental check-up, height and weight are progressing appropriately and that in all respects and the child is maintaining good health. We also inform the health progressing report of each & every students to their parents and guardians time to time.


  • School Bus service will be provided soon. (Information will be available in the School Office.)

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